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Dangerous Care

SWR, 2019, 45 minutes

German hospitals are in a state of emergency: there is a shortage of nursing staff. It is not only nurses who complain about this - but also more and more patients and their relatives.

The film investigates these accusations and accompanies those affected on both sides: Nurses on a ward in Bietigheim hospital who provide insights into their stressful daily work and a patient who suffered serious health damage because of a nursing error in hospital. After all, overworked nursing staff can make mistakes: Mistakes in hygiene, in administering medication, in wound care, in mobilisation.

What consequences does the nursing deficit in hospitals have for us patients, what are the problems and what are the causes? The film looks for constructive approaches to solutions and asks what the current political proposals achieve.Can the "Immediate Care Programme", which Federal Health Minister Spahn has launched, counteract the shortage of nursing staff on the wards or is it ultimately just window dressing? Do patients really benefit from this?