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Between Freedom and Home


SWR, 2020, 45 minutes

Monja Breig (30) grew up in the old Black Forest inn "Engel", which was run by her parents in the fifth generation. Monja loves the "Engel", it is her home. But after her apprenticeship, she is drawn out into the world. She spent eight years on the road, travelling through Europe, Asia and Australia as a backpacker, living in Switzerland and going to the alpine pastures for two summers to earn money. She wants to be free, free of ballast.

But then she gets the news that her father Stefan (63) wants to sell the "Engel" to retire. The thought that after more than 100 years the "Engel" should no longer be in the family's hands concerns Monja. After many sleepless nights, she decides to throw her old life overboard and take over the large inn for a year on a trial basis. A big responsibility, because not only the family tradition depends on her, but also her father's pension.

We accompanied Monja for over a year and witnessed 12 months full of challenges, difficult decisions and emotions. Monja's story is about much more than just the question of how to run an inn. It is the question of an entire generation: What is important in life and what is right? Do responsibility, family tradition, money and social status count more than personal freedom, time and self-realisation? What will Monja decide at the end of the trial year?