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Greece, My Dear Greece

  • Sabine Scharnagl

BR, 2016, 45 minutes

Europe aimed to save Greece once before. In 1832, the 16 year-old Wittelsbach prince, Otto, was elected King of Greece. He found the country in social and economic shambles. Filled with enthusiasm and a deep love of the country, he set out to reform Greece and put it back on its feet, with personnel and money provided by the Kingdom of Bavaria. Thirty years later though, King Otto was forced to leave the country, as a failed reformer.

This production shows the difficulties facing outside helpers in Greece today. Even King Otto, supported by his father, King Ludwig I of Bavaria, struggled with similar problems. The similarities are shocking. From the insurmountable clientelism and the Greeks’ disapproval of any foreign interference, to financial failure as a permanent state.

Our consideration of the Bavarian Episode aims to find a deeper understanding of the present situation in Greece, while also raising the question, whether the current structural problems are simply so immense that they cannot be solved, especially not this quickly.

The juxtaposition of various historic statements by Otto and his contemporaries with statements from observers today illustrates the Greek dilemma.