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Living With Autism


ZDF 37 Grad, 2015, 30 minutes

They love logic and truth. They have trouble handling small talk, wit, and irony. Feelings also function differently for people with autism. How do they deal with “our” world?

People with the Asperger syndrome, a form of autism, visually and acoustically perceive the world more intensely and in greater detail. Yet they have difficulty interpreting gestures and facial expressions, are unable to recognize their opposite’s feelings. Autism influences how a human being thinks, feels, understands, responds, and interacts.

Science has pinpointed a genetic defect as the cause of this aberrant brain functioning, mainly in the “emotional sphere”. The degree and specific manifestation varies widely. Some are extremely gifted, others need lifelong assistance. “37°” accompanies three people with Asperger syndrome. What distinguishes them from “normals”? How do they cope with the challenges of our world, where communication often takes on forms that are neither clear nor direct? How do they deal with feelings – within the family and with their partners? A film with humorous situations and moments that make us reflect our own behavior. Is it really so strange to be truthful?