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Sigi Sommer

A Flâneur in Munich


BR, 2014, 45 minutes

Nobody could describe Munich like Sigi Sommer: with such precision, affection and caustic humor. Councilmen and Oktoberfest tent owners feared the sharp pen of the local writer, alias “Blasius, der Spaziergänger” (Blasius the Flâneur), while the “common folks” took delight in seeing “their Sigi” give the local bigwigs their comeuppance.

In Matti Bauer’s film, former Mayor Vogel, Sigi’s colleagues Franz Freisleder and Michael Graeter, publisher Anneliese Friedmann, and Sigi’s daughter Madeleine share memories – of his good sides, but also his weaknesses. The person who know him best was his common-law spouse, “Luiserl”, who “fell into the hands” of the gigolo in the early fifties. Sigi Sommer had many facets – some we discover here for the first time.