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Campus Germany


BR / ARTE / FFF, 2014, 75 und 52 minutes

In 'Campus Germany', Matti Bauer accompanies students in Berlin, Munich and Düsseldorf around lecture theatres, libraries and student pubs. From the perspective of those affected by the system and on the basis of the author's experiences, the film looks critically at the bachelor's system, which has little in common with the film maker's own time as a student.The film makes a strong case for the Humboldtian educational ideal, in which students aren't supposed to study in order to learn about a specific profession, but should first aim to build their personality. He shows students who are trying to rebel against the bachelor's system and the priority it makes of efficiency, and who are trying to cultivate their own interests and simply 'try things out'.'Campus Germany' is a quiet argument for a different kind of university, in which students are allowed a few more oases of 'relaxed studying' than they are today - less bachelor's and more Humboldt.