Dagmar Biller

Producer / CEO


A graduate of LMU Munich with degrees in American Studies and Media Law, Dagmar Biller began her career in film in 1996 as an Associate Producer at TANGRAM Christian Bauer Filmproduktion, going on to work as a Line Producer for the company. In 2005, she was named TANGRAM’s Executive Producer, managing the company’s German-based projects as well as those reaching well beyond its borders.

In 2009, Ms. Biller became the Head of TANGRAM International GmbH, assuming Chief Executive Officer and shareholder responsibilities in addition to continuing to serve as the company's Executive Producer. 

Dagmar Biller’s films have been shown at festivals around the world and have been lauded with awards both in Germany and abroad. Among these are director Katrin Bühlig's RESIDUAL RISK – psychiatric incarceration by court order, the recipient of two of Germany's prestigious television awards – the Grimme-Preis – in April 2014; Matti Bauer's Heavenly Voices, winner of the 2009 Bavarian TV Award; and The Ritchie Boys, which was a shortlisted candidate for the 77th Academy Award nominations.

Dagmar Biller has been a frequent guest lecturer at the Munich University of Television and Film and the Berlin screenwriting institution Master School Drehbuch; she has also taught media management courses at the Würzburg University of Applied Sciences. With extensive expertise in the field of international co-productions, Ms. Biller is regularly invited to join expert panels and award juries. Since September 2011, she has also been serving as the German Producers Alliance's Deputy Chairman of the Board, heading its documentary division.

Dagmar Biller is on the jury of the Bavarian Film Awards as well as a member of the Administrative Council of the German Federal Film Board.

Dagmar Biller