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SWR Concerns: Diet

Losing Weight and Staying Slim – Is That Possible?

SWR, 2020, 45 minutes

There is hardly a citizen in Germany who has never tried new diet models to get rid of annoying kilograms. Why is it so difficult to stay slim permanently? And is it even necessary from a health point of view? An expedition into the realm of diet concepts and weight loss myths.

For our film, we accompany three protagonists on a path that will be familiar to many viewers: trying to lose weight. Two women: Irmtraud Giebeler, married and retired, in her fight against pounds that have accumulated over the years and which are becoming increasingly difficult to lose. And Dorothea Schmid, 52, single, with a time-consuming job, who finally wants to fit into her favourite jeans again. Third in the group is baker Martin Leyer, in his early 40s, whose wife has long been grumbling about her husband's belly and whose children worry that their dad might get sick. He is surrounded by calorie-rich delicacies all day long - it's clear that losing weight for him is a special challenge.

There have been many diet documentaries, but they are never tested consistently and long enough. We do things differently: we take a long-term approach to the subject. Three test persons, three different diets, over a period of three months – and after one year we check whether the yoyo effect has taken hold.