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Cooking Business

Schuhbeck & Colleagues

WDR, 2015, 45 minutes

From teacher to entertainer – television chefs are now pop stars and in much demand as advertising mascots. And hardly any chef is as skillful at balancing culinary art and entertainment as the quintessential Bavarian, Alfons Schuhbeck. Together with Uli Hoeneß, he did advertising for McDonald’s. Above all, though, he promotes his own products. His special spice blends may consist of spices sold in any supermarket under the Fuchs brand, but it‘s the specific blend that counts, says Schuhbeck – that those are special hands doing the blending is proven by the price. Recently, Schuhbeck received a cease and desist letter for a different product of his, the “Online Spice Apotheke”. The proceedings ended in a settlement permitting Schuhbeck to sell his products under that title for a year, but requiring that he then remove the word “Apotheke“. From 2016, the slogan becomes “with the power of spices”. All of this does not hamper his success, and he is the only one who talks about it. Other successful chefs either remain silent on such matters, or let their lawyers respond.

“Die Story” casts a light on the dealings of the TV chefs and inspects their supposed gourmet products – with some sobering findings...