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At home in...

BR, 2013, 3 x 45 minutes

Village life is as much a part of Bavaria as the mountains, beer and blue and white sky. More than half of the Bavarians live in the countryside. And with good reason. Scarcely any other federal state can boast such diverse and beautiful nature. Each region has its own special appeal, from the Alps in Upper Bavaria to the vineyards of Franconia. Peace and quiet and solidarity still prevail in villages, village life as a pure idyll – that is what the cliché suggests.


In our three-part series At home in... we want to explore what village life is really like in Bavaria today. What challenges are communities facing? How firmly rooted in the village are people really? What is everyday life like? Who lives in villages today and why? What ideas do people have for preparing themselves for the future?


The series takes viewers on a journey of discovery through Bavaria, during which they get to know the change processes in rural life in a very special way, without any clichés but always with curiosity, openly and totally respectfully. Time also does not stand still in villages and that is precisely where we start. At home in... addresses issues that will decisively shape Bavaria's future in an entertaining way for viewers: rural migration, structural reforms, the risk to an entire profession, i.e. farmers, the preservation and adaptation of traditional values and much more. At home in... is a series that will make you smile, reflect, be amazed and delight you.